Kids’ Skills & Skillful Class with Ben Furman

Two-days training for parents, teachers, school psychologists, and other practitioners.

Ben Furman (FIN) Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Founder and Teacher of the Helsinki Brief-Therapy Institute, and a developer of the Kids’ Skills method.
He is a well-known Finnish media personality, who led a separate TV and radio program at the Finnish National Broadcasting Company (YLE).
Internationally known trainer of solution-focused psychology, his solution-focused books have been translated into many foreign languages.

Kids’ Skills
provides you with the opportunity to

– effectively help your children learn the skills to overcome their emotional and behavioral problems
–  you can work effectively with children who have been considered problematic so far
–  working with children, involving them to create a better class community

Enroll: via using the form on this site.
Móni Göntér answers your questions at  0036 20 225 17 44


Regular 16th July – 16th Aug: 71.120 HUF / 216 EUR
On the spot by cash: 88.900 HUF / 270 EUR


This is for you if…

– you are working with children, and in your practice, you have encountered a behavioral problem and you look for better ways to deal with
– as a parent, you want a proven tool to support your children
– you are open for a new approach, tool
– as a teacher you would like to support your class to become a true community, where there is a safe and friendly atmosphere
– as a parent you would like your child to integrate into the community and / or support others in integration


Workshop program:

– 2 days training, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day, one hour lunch break
– Exercises and tools you can use from the next day
– theoretical background
– The workshop is in English.


A jelentkezéssel egyidejűleg kijelentem, hogy Lemondási feltételeket elolvastam, megértettem, az abban foglaltakat elfogadom.


August 21-22nd 2019, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Investment: EUR 216

Early bird till July 15th EUR 178

A workshopon való részvételhez előképzettség nem szükséges.

Venue: Budapest, coming soon