Resistance! Resistance?

an exploratory journey into the concept
30th October 2017

1984 Steve de Shazer managed to publish his article ’Death of Resistance’ after several rejections in different journals. – What do we presuppose 20 years later? And how do we deal with unexpected (or expectedly difficult) behaviour of our clients, employees, co-workers?

In this workshop you will get inspiration and new perspectives on how to create meaningful forward moving waves in a world where the concept of resistance exists. And you will

  • play around with views and behaviours
  • cooperate, overlook, integrate and ignore
  • reflect your choices and possibilities
  • learn from the future and the past

After the workshop you might

  • choose deliberately what to observe and how to deal with it
  • relying on client’s being expert even more courageously
  • experiment with new ways of acting and reacting while some of our colleagues would deal with resistance
Hungarian articles on the topic
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Trainer: Jesper H Christiansen

Cost: EURO 100+VAT

Venue: Adina Hotel Budapest, 1133, Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 52-54.
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