Re-adjusting in conversation and life

our head is round so our thoughts can change direction
27th February 2018

Peter is offering this new workshop on the astonishing capability of human beings to re-adjust when life does not evolve according to plan.

As solution-focused coaches we already strongly build on this capacity of our clients. During the day we will take a broader perspective on progress from this new angle.

Expand your professional options to

  • Catch clients when they re-adjust
  • Explore the process and speed of their re-adjustment
  • Build your curiosity, astonishment and awe about the secret of wanting what you get AND getting what you want.

Together we will experiment with the possibility of a new concept of change.

You will conduct several coaching conversations and reflect with a very special focus of attention and curiosity:

  • What happens while client’s thoughts begin to change direction?
  • How quickly does your client settle on a new line of thought?
  • And what exactly happens in those crucial seconds, minutes or hours while the direction starts to change? Warning: Depending on the experiences you make during this day your thoughts on how to be useful as a coach might change direction blush

Before the workshop you will receive some preliminary excerpts from Peter’s new book on re-adjustment titeled “Less than 0 seconds”.


Trainer: Peter Szabo

Cost: 80.000 HUF+VAT for members of ICF HUN and SE Association 20% discount

Venue: Adina Hotel Budapest, 1133, Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 52-54.



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