Complexity of Simplicity

mikroanalízis és szupervízió
2018. május 10-11.

Harry & Joselyne Korman in Budapest again

Solution focused brief therapy and coaching is built on a few simple ideas. The structure of the work and the general basic ideas are easily learnt. Doing them consistently is a whole different matter and is very difficult for most people and takes hard work to learn and maintain. In this 2-day workshop we hope to be able to cover what we like to call advanced basics hoping that participants will have gotten both a deeper understanding of the complexity of simplicity and some tools that may prove useful in their work.

We are hoping for some close work – perhaps microanalytic – with material brought in by the participants.


Four reasons for asking the miracle question

Trainers // Trénerek: Harry and Joselyn Korman

Costs: EUR 450 + VAT // Workshop díja: 140.000 Ft+áfa

Venue // Helyszín: Adina Hotel Budapest, 1133, Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 52-54.

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