Go beyond!

a unique brief coaching summer class in Budapest
2018, details coming soon

„I am really happy to provide this Summer class and to offer some core knowledge, I’ve
acquired on my 15 years journey as a coach, mentor and trainer of coaches. I hope the
participants are ready to get surprised and maybe to get even a bit distracted. So please only
subscribe for this summerclass if you are ready to reflect on and even question what you do
as a coach. We will create a totally solutions focused learning space: a lab to experiment
how it is to go beyond everything you probably already think to know about coaching;

A space for easy and light learning together; a journey with challenging, maverick exercises
and thoughts; a stage which allows everybody to make a fool of him/herself; a highly
appreciative learning environment to stretch the limits and reach a new level on your way
towards coaching mastery. The aim of all this is to make everybody experience a real quantum leap regarding the own
coaching skills – and also let them experience some magic moments.“

Trainer: Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier is Director and Co-Founder of Solutionsurfers® – a worldwide acting Brief-Coach Training Institute. He trained more than 4000 Coaches in the Solution-focused coaching method since 2002 and wrote several books on this topic for example “Teamcoaching with the SolutionCircle”, the “Logbook Coaching” or “Coaching Plain and Simple” (together with P.Szabo).

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Tolmácsolást kérek

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x Acknowledge the silence and its importance in coaching-conversations:
„Music is not about the notes we play but about the pauses in between.“

x Resources, resources and resources – focusing on resources in coaching is paramount! This
does not sound very spectacular – so be prepared to get surprised!

x Discover – keep and maybe even reinvent your coaching-assumptions. Experience how you
can discover and play with your assumptions – and how these assumptions have a crucial
impact on the length of the coaching-conversation and the progress of your client.

x Facing the challenge of co-creating conversations with your client: forget about plans and
phases – start to dance together with your client – in calm presence and acting in the state of
not knowing.

x Five things you really shouldn’t do anymore – and what you could do instead to increase the
impact and the lightness of a coaching-conversation.


Venue: Marmara Hotel Budapest, 1055, Budapest, Nagy Ignác utca 21.

Cost: 160.000 HUF+VAT (20% discount for members of Solutionsurfers Alumni worldwide, Hungarian SF Association and ICF Hungarian)

You can earn 14 ACSTH points.