Solutionsurfers offers a proven alternative to mainstream consulting, training facilitation and coaching solutions. In a nutshell, brief coaching is an energizing approach that is goal-focused, powerful, practical and most importantly creating impact within a short timeframe!

In Hungary, a series of workshops are available on brief coaching and applications in English, so

  • practitioners from the region can learn from international great players
  • all colleagues have a good reason to enjoy Budapest, this great city (we give our best to put English language courses next to a weekend)

Harry & Joselyne Korman: Complexity of simplicity

Solution focused brief therapy and coaching is built on a few simple ideas. The structure of the work and the general basic ideas are easily learnt. Doing them consistently is a whole different matter and is very difficult for most people and takes hard work to learn and maintain. In this 2-day workshop we hope to be able to cover what we like to call advanced basics hoping that participants will have gotten both a deeper understanding of the complexity of simplicity and some tools that may prove useful in their work.

We are hoping for some close work – perhaps microanalytic – with material brought in by the participants.

Trainer: Harry and Joselyne Korman

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Solutionsurfers Hungary is a publisher of Solution Focus books, too.

The best hope about the book is that employees in organizations, leaders, coaches, advisors are going to find attractive examples as well as inspiration about the lightness and simplicity, variety and flexibility coming from solution focus (SF) process.

See and buy our Case Study Book on how Solution Focus supports people in organisations on the book website.